Sign Installation

Custom Security Signs have been designed for stake mounting, our signs are typically supplied with 2 holes (top and bottom) at 7/32" (0.218") in diameter. When Sign of Security mounts the signs on your behalf we use solid rivets to provide a flush surface when set.


Example:Holes Distance 8 inches

1. Measure the distance between holes on the sign
When text and design allows SOS leaves a 1" spacing between the edge of the sign and the center of the hole

Example: Holes Distance 8 inches U-channel Metal Stake with 7/16 rails

2. Mark the holes location on stake.
Installation can be done 2 different ways, by either drilling holes which will require sheet metal screws when mounting or self tapping screws (no pre-drilling required). In either case, use 1/2" or shorter screws to avoid the screw tip extending past depth of u-channel rails.

Sheet Metal Screws.

Sheet Metal Screws.
Pointed screws have a pointed end to penetrate thin materials such as sheet metal, and soft materials such as wood and drywall.

Sheet Metal Screws.

Self-Tapping Drilling Screws.
Drilling screws save you time and effort by drilling their own holes, creating reusable threads, and fastening ' materials in a single operation. Use them to fasten metal./p>

Mount sign on flat side of stake

3. Mount sign on flat side of stake
As seen on this photo mounting your sign on the flat side of the stake

Proper Mounting

4. Proper Mounting
This is the look of a sign properly mounted on stake

Ground Mounting

5. Ground Mounting Signs of Security recommends to insert stake at least 6 inches into the ground./p>