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Business Magnets and Business Card Magnets

After your security equipment installation, keep your company’s logo and contact information close to your clients by providing them business magnets for their refrigerators or filing cabinets. Not only does a mini-magnet keep emergency information close but it also provides for free advertising with their home or office visitors.

A business card magnet is an effective way to keep your information in every office and home you service. Don’t just leave just a business card, leave a business card magnet.

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Business Card Magnet Information

Signs of Security offers business magnets in a 3.5” x 2” rectangle shape that mirrors your existing business cards. Our .030 magnetic sheeting will easily stick magnetically to the refrigerators and filing cabinets of your customers. Display your company logo, contact information, and company colors with pride.

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Mini Magnets

Business Magnet Inks

Use standard color inks or custom matched inks on your custom business mini magnet ($35 matching charge applies).


  • White
  • Black
  • Primrose Yellow – PMS 3945C
  • Lemon Yellow – PMS 108C
  • Medium Yellow – PMS 116C
  • Safety Orange – PMS 144C
  • Brilliant Orange – PMS 165C
  • Warm Red – PMS Warm Red
  • Fire Red – PMS 485C
  • Rubine Red – PMS Rubine Red C
  • Rhodamine Red – PMS 226C
  • Maroon – PMS 195C
  • Purple – PMS 2603C
  • Violet – PMS 2755C
  • Reflex Blue – Reflex Blue C
  • Blue RS – PMS 2945C
  • Peacock Blue – PMS 2935C
  • Process Blue – PMS Process Blue
  • Cyan – Cyan
  • Dark Green – PMS 350C
  • Safety Green – PMS 341C
  • Medium Green – PMS 348C
  • Green – Pantone Green C
  • Brown – PMS 732C
  • Gray – PMS 430C
  • Silver (Metallic Ink) – PMS 877C
  • Gold (Metallic Ink) – PMS 871C
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